Beta Program


What is it?

The AMP mixer has run hundreds of shows in the past few years, and development has come to the point which we have a product that is very close to final release! There are still a few bugs, and a few more features we want to implement, but it is now
time to involve a wider audience to help bring AMP to the final stages.

We are opening up a “Public Beta” program to a limited number of users who are willing to test the product in real events. Although the core is solid, new features and bug fixes can create some snags.

What is the Catch?

So here’s the scoop:

1. You must possess some skill in configuring and troubleshooting computer systems and audio interfaces.
You should also be reasonably fluent at debugging your own hardware. Beta testing is NOT for inexperienced users.

2. We want your feedback. What do you like about the software? What don’t you like? What cool thing were you
able to do? What didn’t work as expected? What is unclear? A tester who provides us with no useful feedback
is not helpful to this beta program.

3. We need your help in tracking down bugs. Yes, there will be some of the literally millions of possible combinations
that will cause something not to respond as expected. We want these fixed! Your assistance in tracking these down
AND REPRODUCING them is most helpful!

4. You will want to have internet access for your host and GUI computers, as there may be frequent updates.
You will want to be checking regularly for updated files. If there is a bug that we cannot recreate in our labs,
we may ask you to load remote access software on your PC so you can share your screen with us. This will help us
get to the bottom of the problem. Understand that AMP does NOT have any back doors or hidden access.

5. It is possible that some updates may change file formats, and may be incompatible with previous versions.
We try to minimize this as much as possible, but sometimes it is necessary. In these cases, you may need to
re-create your system configuration within AMP.

6. At this point, we regret that we cannot provide phone tech support. All correspondence should be via email
or the website forum. Also, there is very little written documentation at this point. We will be expanding
this on the website as time progresses.

7. You can spread the good word about AMP, but we ask you to keep the talk about negative issues within the AMP
forum. In other words, please don’t air our dirty laundry!

If you agree with and to all these seven things, we are able to offer you the purchase of AMP at 50% off of the retail amount. Once the product is complete and on the market, you will automatically be upgraded to the standard user status, and be able to download official release versions. You will continue to have access to the beta file section, so if you choose, you may still run test versions of new features that we will incorporate even after the initial official release.

What Does It Cost?

Current versions of AMP available for this beta program are:

AMP ASIO Host Retail price: $600 USD, Beta Tester price: ASIO HOST BETA PROGRAM CLOSED
AMP DL (Mackie Host) t/b/a
AMP X32 (Behringer X hosts) t/b/a

If this sounds like your cup of tea, click on the link(s) below for your product choice. We will ship your product typically within 7 business days via US Mail.

What Will I Receive?

We will send out TWO USB keys, which are like memory sticks, along with a quick-start guide. You will also receive access information to a special download area of our website. Each USB Key will contain the software. It is quite possible that the software on the key will be superseded by a newer version available for download via the registered user area of our website.

One USB key is required for the machine running the AMP ASIO Host. It is not required for the Graphical User Interface (GUI) program. You only need one key; we are giving you a second one for backup. You can run two systems if you wanted. You can also experiment with the system, and run the host on a machine without a key, if you do not need to pass audio.

How do I get it?

First, please read and agree to the following legal-ese:

NLE and the Licensee agree to the following:

  1. NLE grants the Licensee a royalty-free, non-transferable license to use the program forever. The program, while in beta status, may not be transferred to another user or re-sold.
  2. License Terms:
    • Use – You may use the Licensed Program on one computer system per USB Key, to evaluate and test the program.
    • Copies – You may make back-up copies of the Licensed Program for the purpose of using the program on your system, archival or emergency restart purposes. The software shall be retained under the Licensee’s control, and cannot be posted on any public internet site.
    • NLE’s Beta Site – all Licensees shall have access to NLE’s private website area for the purpose of downloading files and making reports. This will be the only viable method of communicating with NLE regarding the Licensed Program.
  3. Obligations of the Licensee
    • Copies of the Licensed Program are available from the Website private area only. The initial version will be contained on the USB Keys as well.
    • Computer System – the Licensee is responsible for providing all computer and other equipment and facilities necessary for the evaluation and testing required under this agreement.
    • Errors, Problems and Support – During the terms of this agreement, the Licensee agrees to report to NLE all errors, difficulties or other problems encountered with the Licensed Program.
    • Reports – Licensees will be considered active in the Beta Test period for a period of 120 days from the date of purchase. If the Licensee has not posted any communication to NLE, within that period of time, it will be the sole discretion of NLE to drop that person from the program. NLE reserves the right to remove a Licensee from the Beta Test program for any reason.
    • Confidentiality – NLE and the Licensee agree that the Licensed Program constitutes an “untested” product by NLE. The parties understand that the testing and quality assurance of the Licensed program has not yet been completed, nor is the Licensed program authorized for general release by NLE. The Licensee agrees to treat reports provided as CONFIDENTIAL to NLE and will not divulge the information contained in e-mail messages or forum messages to any third party that may not have access to the same forums.
  4. NLE is not responsible for, and does not assume liability for damage, inaccurate input, work delays or lost profits resulting from the use of the Licensed Program.

By clicking the “Buy Now” link below, you are stating that you agree to all these terms and conditions.

What if I’m scared?

If you aren’t the type who likes to live life on the edge, you may be more comfortable waiting until the official release… We understand! 🙂 Though we think AMP is easy to use, there is a lot of flexibility to it, which can be intimidating. The purpose of this public beta is to identify what is needed to make this a powerful, yet easy-to-use digital mixing system.

Can I get a Demo?

We do not yet have a demo available, but we hope to have one available soon.