Make your Digital Mixer work FOR you!

Fully Customizable, Fully Expandable

  • Networked Audio

    Networked Audio

    Connect off-the-shelf AES67 and Dante devices

  • The Graphical Interface (GUI)

    The Graphical Interface (GUI)

    Numerous devices and up to 32 GUIs controlled by a single Host

  • The API

    The API

    A publicly available API to allow control of your audio mixing system

  • The Interface

    The Interface

    Use real faders! Use a keyboard. Use a touchscreen. Use a mouse. You are in control!

  • The PC Platform

    The PC Platform

    Runs on the Windows platform (Mac and iPad Apps on the way!)

  • AMPMIX Host

    AMPMIX Host

    Software-based DSP engine scalable to 128x128 channels, with 32 Aux Busses!


Designed by Soundtechs for Soundtechs!

There are many exciting products available today for audio mixers. Our goals in developing AMP are:

  • – Provide a common interface for existing digital mixers
  • – Add or enhance the feature set of these mixers
  • – Allow the user to customize the AMP interface to their need
  • – Interface with many different types of controller hardware
  • – Create a software-based DSP mixer, scalable up to the most demanding needs

There are many applications of AMP:

  • Personal Monitor Mixing System
  • Live Monitor Mixer
  • Front-of-House Mixer
  • Theatre Sound
  • Any or all of the above!

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Exciting News!

AMP was on display at the 2019 InfoComm show in Orlando, FL.  We received a great response, and are looking forward to future contacts and meeting our users in person.

July is AMPMix Shipping month!  All those who have ordered systems will be receiving them shortly.  This includes AMPMix AES67, AMPMix Dante, as well as AMPMix ASIO.