About Us

The AMP project is a collaboration of a number of individuals, under the direction of Bob Puff.

I’m especially excited to be involved in this project, as it combines two of my loves – Computing, and Audio – to reach a level of audio excellence.  I’ve been using AMP for the last year for major shows with thousands of paying customers, and it is truly amazing to see a dream I have had for almost 20 years come to fruition!

Bob has had extensive experience both in the computer side as well as the audio side.  New Life Electronics started in 1991 as a computer software and hardware development company, working with Atari home computers.  In 1994, NLE branched out into Audio Design and Sales, including the manufacture of the PM202, a powerful DC-Powered Mixer.   Bob has personally overseen and contributed to several large-scale projects and events, both in the roles of producer and engineer.

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